The Knoet Society
"To Knoet is to Enforce it"

What is The Knoet Society?

The Knoet Society is an association of diverse professionals that are committed to providing practical income solutions to professionals in the beauty care industry, with a primary focus on the ethnic community and its financial infrastructure

Who founded The Knoet Society?

The Knoet Society was founded by Wanda R. Darden, an accomplished, published beauty industry insider. Her expertise in the ethnic hair market is derived from her education in cosmetology, business administration, and political science.

What does The Knoet Society provide?

The Knoet Society provides industry professionals access to products that will exponentially increase their income and better serve their clients’ needs.

The Knoet Society provides a forum for networking, marketing, lobbying, researching, and earning increased income.

The Knoet Society provides inter-connectivity in an otherwise disconnected industry.

How can I join the Knoet Society?

To join The Knoet Society, complete and submit the Membership Application, Letter of Commitment, and Non-disclosure Agreement with supporting documents.

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